Ah, California. We love our sunny weather, quick access to beaches, waterways, mountains, camping, skiing, world class wineries.... we really have it all.

So why are so many of our sellers moving out of our beautiful, fabulous, fun state???!!

Affordability of course. The majority who leave California are doing so to stretch their dollars further. It’s no secret our great state comes with a bit of a price tag.

We still say you’ll have to drag us kicking and screaming from living here on the water, but seeing other people take that leap to other states is always intriguing and it’s fun to see their new adventures.

We have helped many people sell their homes so they can move to other states, including Nevada, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Arkansas, Florida, Arizona, Colorado, & Virginia.

We have also positioned ourselves with a fantastic network of top agents around the country. If you are considering moving out of state and are worried about just “picking a random agent” consider checking with us first!

Who you work with matters, and not only can we hook you up with a great agent, but we check in with them to make sure you are getting the best care and that the timing works right with the sale of your home here. It’s a timing dance and the details are important!

Call, text, or email us to see how best we can help you!